Welcome to my website “Gigolo In Mumbai". Here are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you getting started…

YOU: What is the purpose of Gigolo In Mumbai?

SAM: Well, I'm here to connect with the matured females like you from all around the Mumbai and suburbs who are looking for pro male companion (Gigolo) for escorting companion to have good time. Or simply to support and take part in your happiness. And one major role of this website is to get your companion online without wandering gigolo marketplaces. Feel comfortable to hire Sam!

YOU: Are you free or paid?

SAM: You are here because you don't believe in FREE stuff and nonsense, right? Of course, it's paid companion. You know that the value comes at a cost. We get certain things in our life free of cost, but we can't believe them for longer (Free is not a FREE always). There are lots free version of antivirus available but we opt-in to paid, ask yourself- WHY?

By the way, am not here to make quick bucks instead me concentrate on better companion. 

YOU: Are you prostitute?

SAM: Not at all. Let me clarify that I only get paid for the time and companionship provide to you. I neither support any prostitution nor accept donations for sex. Whatever may or may not happen during our time together depends exclusively on what two of us or more consenting adults choose to do.

Who Is Gigolo: gig·o·lo/ˈjigəˌlō/
"A male escort or social companion who is supported by a woman in a continuing relationship, often living in her residence or having to be present at her beck and call".

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YOU: Can you meet in person for me?

SAM: Yeah sure. I believe in the privacy and secrecy of both. But there is a catch, you need to pay my Meetup donation after meeting. This donation does not include any business and is only for covering traveling expenses and being time spent exploring each other. BUT...if you decide to continue after meetup, there is no MeetUp donation (it will be part of companion then).

YOU: Do you offer companion to underage?

SAM: No, never! You must be over matured age of 18+ to contact me. 

YOU: Who will pay for expenses incurred in companion?

SAM: There are not any hidden donations except mentioned or discussed personally. It is your expense! You need to pay for other indirect expenses incurred (hotel, foods etc) to vendor directly. 

YOUIs it safe to hire you?

SAM: 100%. I have explained it in the index page. You must trust me even if you've got some bad experiences previously. Its a for long run. You are always safe and secure with my companion service. If you feel curious first time, schedule a meeting. Don’t worry!

YOU: How do you accept donations?

SAM: Well, donations are accepted in form of cash or gifts only, no cheque, no drafts and no credit. PayPal is accepted for dollars transactions. 


I believe, those who follow the rules, will never get in trouble, isn’t it? So let’s set some easy to follow rules and guidelines for us being safe and staying confident in our choices.

Below you will find some rules and guidelines that can help you as well as for me…

#1. Safety: Safety first! It is very important to both of us and our body. Companion should not contain such activities that hangs safety and secrecy.

#2. Gifts or Donation: It should never transfer in actual hands. It should be placed somewhere discreetly that easy to pinpoint.  

#3. Saying no is okay: It’s okay to say NO and ask that you not do it or like it. Companion period should be mutually understood and agreed.

#4. Privacy: Enjoy the journey and the person you are with. It must and should be committed to never disclose any private info we share with each other.

#5. Parking: I generally use my own vehicle for traveling. Do tell me if you have some obligations regarding parking in companion places or do provide me some legal parking space till companion period. 

I need your cooperation to make this companion happy forever. It is good for both of us and for whole society.

Hope there is nothing left behind and you understood the common questions you had about Gigolo Companion now. Right?

But, if there something remain unanswered; you can always Contact Sam anytime and get your answer.

Thanks for showing interest in Sam's male companion and your time here!

Talk soon!




"Sam is not dealing with any gigolo or escort agent or fraudulent agency that pretends to provide you real service. It's not a prostitution service and don't support any prostitution. I accept donations only for spending quality time during companion. 

This website is not meant for prostitution neither offering any job. You must be 18+ of your age for using this website."

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