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Sam Here! Pro & Independent Gigolo Companion For Women

Hi Babe! Sam here. An independent gigolo in Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Dombivli, Bhiwandi, Vasai and suburbs! So if you are looking for TRUSTWORTHY GIGOLO companion, I am sure YOU need not to go anywhere. I'll take care all of your needs, emotional or physical!  

Erotic & Sensual Side of Sam... 

Erotic Body Massage:

Body Massage for women in Mumbai

I would like to give an amazing erotic body massage when I become dominant or would like to have it mutually. Do you like taking or giving? 

Bondage & Discipline Fantasies: 

When I heard first time about BDSM, it was very exciting part to me. But when I started exploring it in real, the last part SM is no more for me. I only love now BD (Lite Bondage, Discipline and Dominance). I love these little kinkies in my life and my focus is only for pleasure moments and not for pain. I would like some sex toys fantasies. Did you enjoy BD ever?


I control my bedroom, I tends to be a dominant dad bod. However, I also want my partner to take over and handle a bedroom. You are controlling the boardroom, why not you take control of a bedroom? I would like to follow you and love to experience your bedroom expertise. Do you like role-play?   

Threesome and Cuckold:

I am always dreaming about this dark fantasy. When I think about it, I found myself without head on my shoulder (Lol) as my mind completely blown away! I try to push things down a lot harder... I would love to meet like minded couples (MW-WW) for exploring 3 people in the same room! Do you ever had threesome and cuckolding experience? 

Dad bod and DILF:

This is the new term I have incorporated in my life. I would like to meet matured 30 to 50 age women who enjoy dad bod and looking for DILF (Dad I'd Like to Fuck).  

I Believe In Passionate People...

I am so grateful that this is my PASSION and I appreciate your interest in my Passion...

If you gonna riding on my sail, I wish, I would help you! I would take you deep in the dark ocean and...

...if you lose your control and feel like you have hit a iceberg deep below the sea, I will come over and take your control onward to glide you safe towards the sea-shore!

So, are you ready for the adventurous journey with Sam?

Let's go... I am waiting for YOU there!




"Sam is not dealing with any gigolo or escort agent or fraudulent agency that pretends to provide you real service. It's not a prostitution service and don't support any prostitution. I accept donations only for spending quality time during companion. 

This website is not meant for prostitution neither offering any job. You must be 18+ of your age for using this website."

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