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If you are finding a gigolo (male escort) for companion in Mumbai, Thane, Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Dombivli and Vasai, then look no further! 

Sam is a pro independent Gigolo, a great male companion for having quality times, lovely evenings, dinner dates, exciting nights. Experience the ecstatic and romantic escorting, customer satisfaction is always his priority.


Hello Hottie! I would like to thank YOU in advance for taking time to visit my gigolo website! If it is the first time you here, this is an invitation for you to get to know me better! So please, take a moment to click around to decide if you would like to meet me.     

I'm Sam, an independent gigolo (male companion) for women in Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Bhiwandi, Dombivli and Vasai road! 
I think my best qualities are self control, disciplined and warm smile (You need to find it out, BTW). Let me share all the blahh...blahh... about me, when we will be in some closed room. Ok?

I would love to meet YOU just be yourself, speak your mind about your thoughts, passions, hidden desires or plans for our get together. This is about having a wonderful time and bringing a smile to your face. I respect your slut-shamed attitude because not every women dare to show the courage to go beyond the society's limit, even though it is one of her top fantasies! 

I do meet strictly amateur girls and women looking for DILF (Dad I'd Live to Fu*k). If you are the type of woman that wants to feel loved and appreciated, either after a long hard day of work or simply because you believe you deserve that special treatment, then you have Sam!

Patience is one of my strongest points. I never rush to get it finished (enjoying every point along the way). I aware that there are handsome men and all great lovers surrounding you! Sam is a symbol of these two (haha..haha). Contact me now and may your pleasure be the winner! 

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Hey babe, why are you taking your car to gigolo market in Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Bhiwandi, Vasai and suburbs to find or hire a gigolo? Get your male companion in a few clicks without leaving your home. Now YOU can book or hire your Sam gigolo in Mumbai online in couple of hours.

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Well, maybe that's because you're not sure about “3 Questions.”

If that's the case, let's explore your options, shall we?

YOU: What if I don’t like you at visit?

SAM: Well, that should be not the question in today's digital world. If you are curious about, you can talk on video. It's not a Blind-Date! We can exchange some info mutually before getting ahead, if necessary. I never force to get inside your room. Rejection is OK, but I may demand for travelling expenses for my time.

YOU: What if I don’t enjoy your companion?

SAM: Being pro, I try my best and use my expertise to make you feel good and refreshed. Still if you don't enjoy the experience, you have option to pay the rest of the donation. No matter, whatever your decision, I walk away with smile not to bother again.

YOU: I'm afraid of being harassed or blackmail!

SAM: Not to worry! I never call or contact you again, if you don’t. I never show identity [like say hi, hello] in public places if we meet by chance other than business, if you don’t.

I guess, you are comfortable! No? 

...Let's meet for a HOT black tea. So that, YOU will ensure; you are submitting yourself in a safe hand! Or we can run away easily, hahah!

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Sam is not dealing with any gigolo or escort agent or fraudulent agency that pretends to provide you real service. It's not a prostitution service and don't support any prostitution. I accept donations only for spending quality time during companion. 

This website is not meant for prostitution neither offering any job. You must be 18+ of your age for using this website. 

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